Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's because it's life-update time.

Dear Patrick,
With it being October 2nd, I think it's finally time to update you. Near the end of August, I remembered how much I love busy. I loooove busy. I thrive on busy. Busy and I are really thinking about a Spring wedding. So, I signed myself up for another round of a Letterpress class at the University of Utah, became a member of a community print shop and agreed to do too many things. September became Friendlesseptember and I've been making pro-con lists about which spot in my super super dusty frame shop would be the best place to nap.

At the beginning of September, a few of my friends and I got a booth at the Avenues Street Fair and sold what we claimed to be art. We were the Ten Trousers Art Collective, a made up name for a made up art collective so we could sell art and seem clever. There were only five of us. It started so lovely and beautiful like this:

Meet the Ten Trousers Art Collective: left to right, Brandt, Michelle, Mark, Darci, and me (not pictured).

And ended with Woolley trying to pan my Shrinky Dinks to any people left on the streets while the rain poured and poured and we packed everything into the center of the booth. It was pretty pathetic for a few hours there... I mean, can you see the river that was flowing in the back of the tent? (look in the bottom right corner) But ultimately, I think we were pretty happy with the end result, even with the rain. And the nazi fair officials.

Also, like I said, I'm taking another letterpress class. My best work so far? Here:

The assignment was to print 2-5 words on a postcard and then trade with someone else and then print a 2-5 word response on their postcard. I'm proud to call this my own. I was the "all the brave nerds" and the "hate hobbits" genius belongs to my partner. I have a couple more things in the works and if I don't get kicked out of the house because of them, I promise I'll keep you updated.

Last update, my cousin, Megan, is having a baby boy this November. And while I'm a little upset that my Hating Babies Club is being disbanded, I made her this blanket.

And okay, the lighting is bad and the colors are weird in this picture, I know. So save your sass. But anyway, I printed on that mint green area with a linoleum block and I tried my hardest to make it a boy blanket. But boy blankets are difficult. It was an almost success. Hopefully little Atticus isn't offended by purple.
Anyway, I promise I'll be funny again one day. And maybe I'll post more. But I can't promise that. Hopefully this will be Friendlessoctober, too.


PS Samantha Hunter, this was supposed to be your post... but it was kind of boring. I can do better.