Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's because of the pirates.

Dear Patrick,
I found this video a few years ago, forgot about it, remembered again and have been trying to find it for months. I love it. I want to be this kind of weird someday.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

It's because I relate a little too much to Liz Lemon.

Dear Patrick,

Last working day, thank everything. My neck is ready to call it quits. I keep trying to give myself a neck massage and surprise! it doesn't work. Today was absolutely great, even so. We went back to the feeding center that we visited in July and it was fun to see them again. And, I have big news. Today, I had an entourage of little girls between the ages of 7 and 13 (I know because I asked every single one of them because that was the extent of our communication today). I felt like this:

And I must say, I enjoyed it. They escorted me around the feeding center, they asked me really great things like, "Is Tracie your mom?", and it didn't matter one bit that I only spoke English to them and that my name is completely unpronounceable. They were really cute.And the day only got better from there. One of the girls was a more constant shadow than the rest. She wasn't in my face and she didn't even seem overly excited about the whole thing, she was just always right there next to me. At one point, her brother came up to me, pushed her towards me, and said something in Spanish that I couldn't use my 8th grade Spanish to translate. As it turns out, what he was saying was, "This is a gift". He gave me his sister to take home. So funny. So brotherly. I tried to take a picture of us so I could remember. This is the best I could do.
Laudia is her name, I believe. I hope Margot likes her.

Tomorrow is rest day. I think I'll spend the entire day in my really comfortable bed. Then it's home on Monday.

More pictures eventually,

Friday, February 4, 2011

It's because Honduras is much less scary this time.

Dear Patrick,

I have good news and bad news. The good news is we traveled back to San Pedro Sula this evening in a van packed to the rim with people and therefore changed hotels and now I have carpet in my room and less rodent fears. The bad news is I forgot to pack my razor and because it was a frozen tundra in Utah, I didn't shave my legs before I left. AND if you think I can wear pants in this hot hot country, you're wrong. So, I'm connecting with my granola side and hoping the other people on this trip need glasses and don't notice. The other good news is that my hair is a mane from needing to be cut sooooo badly plus awkward perm grow out plus I cut my own bangs recently and I'm real bad at that, so it goes well with the hairy legs.

Today was another backpack extravaganza but it was so much nicer today. As it turns out, they really distributed 1200 backpacks yesterday and today they distributed about 400. The kids were adorable and their parents were much better behaved. I'm exhausted. I didn't do much, just took picture after picture, but my shoulders and neck are extra sore from being pulled in opposite directions- backward from the beastly backpack and forward from the camera+bending over every 5 seconds. If ever I needed a massage, now would be the time. And maybe it's time to stop spending the rest of my life on the couch, right? Wrong.

Now for a few shots. Then sleep.
She didn't want one thing to do with the camera. But she was too pretty.
Could. Not. Wait.
So adorable.

The only way they know how to wait in lines.

More tomorrow.
Love, Adrienne

Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's because backpacks and umbrellas should always have whistles.

Dear Patrick,

Today is day 2 in Honduras and bedtime can not come soon enough. We took a red-eye in the night before and spent yesterday driving to the beach. Which, as it turns out, makes my heart very sad. I love the beach. I love love love the beach. I love to sit on the beach and stare. I love the sand. I love the smell. I love the sandwiches that come with us every time we visit the beach and I love that that's really the only time I like sandwiches. I love that flat horizon line a million miles out. I love making fun of all the ridiculous bathing suit choices people make. But, the beach in Honduras is much much different. The beach I'm looking at is only a gateway to the open sewage that flows into it. Your heart is sad now, too, I just know it. Let me fix that.

We arrived, ate our dinner and then we promptly went to bed. Or, at least tried. I went to my room and discovered that there was a nice little band playing outside my window by the pool. Two guys singing, with at least one playing the accordion, playing and playing to (hopefully) someone. This really great playing and yelping-- not unlike Alvin and the Chipmunks in "I, Yi, Yi, Yi, Yi I Like You Very Much" from the Chipmunk Adventure-- lasted until at least 1 am, which is when I finally fell asleep. 1 am on a Wednesday night. I think I would be upset if it wasn't so ridiculously hilarious. Accordions all night? Really? That's fantastic. The other funny thing is that I was the only one in the group that heard them. So, naturally, no one believed me. Don't they understand that I am not clever enough to come up with that good of a story? No, everything that weird can only be real life. They're playing again tonight... probably just so I could prove it.

Today was the backpack extravaganza. 4Life distributed 1000 backpacks FULL of school supplies to 1000 needy babies. And some of those 1000 got brand new uniforms and brand new shoes. I want to be 4Life when I grow up. They're good at everything. It was an exhausting million degree day, but I'm always happy to be doing this work. Dream job, dream company.
Lines that long can make anyone this sad.
New favorite twins. That hair! Sorry, Connie and Connie, you've been one upped.
Favorite 4Lifers.
New backpack. So beautiful.
Now it's time for bed and since I have finally convinced myself that tile floors in a hotel room don't necessarily mean rats, I think I will be sleeping peacefully tonight. Last night, that's all I could think about. I don't know why my brain went from that point A to that point B but it did and I blame North Carolina. I now suspect rodents to be the product of any new situation I am put in.

Please bless my hard drive doesn't crash this time,