Monday, November 29, 2010

It's because I woke up thinking about it.

Dear Patrick,
Before we discuss Thanksgiving and things of that matter, we must talk about one thing: there are only

19 more days

until I can eat that Cafe Rio pork burrito with black beans not smothered but cheese on top with everything else inside and on the side plus a small Creamy Tomatillo dressing and a Mexican Coke. That's all I want for Christmas. And every other day for the rest of the year. Thank you.
Love, Adrienne

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's because I like kids more now.

Dear Patrick,
Have you seen this yet? I love it.

The story of Jonah from Corinth Baptist Church on Vimeo.

Yay God! Hooray! Hoorah!
Love, Adrienne

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's because the heart of life is good.

Dear Patrick,
I am counting the minutes until this day is over. I think it started off bad because it's my favorite day of the year and I woke up knowing I couldn't participate. Uninformed. So pathetic. Sidenote: North Carolina schools get out for election day. What is that? That's not fair. Anyway, I had planned a trip to Asheville today since I was out of school as well. As I headed down, my mind wandered to a place I usually keep it from going too deep in. I was reminded of my father, reminded of his absence, reminded of how if I ever get married my husband and family will never know him, reminded of how much it sucks that he's gone, reminded of how much I took him for granted, and on and on and on. Needless to say, I was flooding up the car as I drove. The road I take to get to the highway is long and currently under construction. There are many places with only one lane and therefore many places with the "slow/stop" sign turning men. At one such place, I had a "slow" sign and I noticed the man look surprised as we made eye contact and then immediately pull out his walkie-talkie. I watched him turn and watch my car in my rear view mirror. And when I reached the other man 300 feet away, he was putting down his walkie talkie and gave me a little concerned smile and waved. All I could do was smile and cry harder for the next 20 minutes, but really it made my day. Sometimes it is the tiny kind acts of strangers that make the difference. Sometimes it's the strangers who are the only people who can do anything. And it's times like this I am reminded that people are good. People want to be good, and want to be good to other people. Given, this world is full of crazies that we never stop hearing about, but I do believe that most people care, in one way or another.

So, to the road construction workers in Yancey County,
to the cashiers in that 7-11 that let me use the employee bathroom when I really needed it,
to the cute family in Virginia that rescued Margot, took her to the vet, bought her all kinds of things without ever expecting to keep her,
to the three separate people who stopped that one day when I was taking pictures in Sardine Canyon because you were worried I had a flat tire,
to the boy intern from USU that walked me back to my hotel when I got separated from my group in DC,
and to anyone that thinks your little kind acts go unnoticed,
I say thank you. Thank you for being alive. Thank you for taking that one tiny moment to think so selflessly about the needs of someone else, someone you've only known for a split second and probably will never see again. I think about you all the time. You are the reason for so much good.
Love always,