Friday, October 23, 2009

It's because Paris is Burning.

Dear Patrick,
If you're wondering what I've been doing with all the time that I haven't been spending on my hair, I'll tell you. I've been making these tiny little babies:

I know what you're thinking and no, not human babies. These babies are better than human babies. They wont wake me up in the night with their obnoxious crying spells, they wont get suspended in middle school for throwing oranges at vice principals, they look nice in my new frames, they're very well behaved, and if I get sick of them, I don't have to look at them anymore. It's a win-win-win situation I have going here. I mean, my mom still has to look at me after 21 years of being annoying. If only she had picked up printmaking in her early years...

So these are the prints I'm submitting to the undergrad show this year. If the stars align just right, they'll let them in the show and then you'll have to go see it. It starts Monday and ends November 13th. It's in the new gallery in the Fine Arts building- Studio 102. There will be food on Monday from 6-8 PM. Usually good food. So I guess you have to come.

But seriously, my hair is getting really ugly,

Friday, October 9, 2009

It's because Alex and I realized today that we missed Autumn. Not in a "longing" sort of way, but in a "forgot to pay attention" sort of way.

Dear Patrick,
So, I found this blog. Basically all I do in my whole life is find one interesting thing and use that interesting thing's links to other interesting things. All day. Everyday. So, I found this blog. What I gather is that he's an illustrator but his blog is mostly quotes and ideas from other people. He posts everything he finds interesting whether it's from smart people books or he has overheard a 6 year old talking to her mom in a bookstore. I'm fascinated. One of the best:

“Basically there are two kinds of designers: helicopters and vending machines. The helicopters fly around the landscape zooming in to investigate, backing off to get a better panoramic view. On the other hand vending machines tend to be inert until someone shoves money in a slot. They then produce a lot of buzzing, whirring and clanking, until out pops a product. It is invariably the same as the previous one, and will be the same as the next. The only difference is the next is usually staler.”

Alan FletcherI love it. I hope to be a helicopter one day. But as it is, I can't even figure out how to make all the type the same on this post. Okay. Goodnight Frank Chimero. Goodnight pathetic yet fruitful Friday night.Love, Adrienne

Sunday, October 4, 2009

It's because Skinny Love is just not a happy song.

Dear Patrick,
I read my horoscope everyday. I love it. The universe knows me so well. I mean, no... I don't think it's real or anything. No... that's silly. But I love reading it anyway. However, today it said this to me: "your words might only serve to complicate matters as interactive Mercury forms a crunchy quincunx with confusing Neptune." A crunchy quincunx? Will someone please tell me what the universe is trying to say to me? I don't understand.