Monday, August 31, 2009

It's because Family. Isn't it about time?

Dear Patrick,

Too long, too much. Skipping it and moving on.

I intended to post this before midnight, but since I haven't gone to sleep yet, I still consider today Sunday. However, with it being as late as it is multiplied by the state of my brain, I can't guarantee that any of this will make sense to anyone outside of my head.

This is probably my favorite picture of my parents that has ever been taken. My mother hates this. All the more reason for me to love it. How great is the expression on his face?

Anyway, I've been thinking that I should have done something like this long ago, but with today, August 30th, being the 58th anniversary of my father's birth, what better time to say nice things about the man? I can think of none.

A Small Sampling of Reasons Why Gordon Smart Didn't Suck:

1. He didn't possess the tiniest bit of selfishness. This is always the first thing I think about when I think of his qualities. Everything he did, he did it with someone else in mind. Even if that meant bringing our left over heart-shaped pancakes to the next door neighbors on Valentines day.

2. He liked everyone. Yes, I think everyone. He always found a way to make every single person, whether it was his brother, a client, or the mechanic, feel like they were his number one best friend.

3. He was funny/not funny. If you knew him at all, you knew that when you saw him he would tell you a really awful joke. The kind of joke that you laugh only out of pity because it is not one bit funny but he sure thought it was. The kind of joke that went like, "How many animals did Moses have on the ark?" and for some reason there was a little bit of an appeal about it. Not the sort of appeal that would ever make you retell the joke, but the sort of appeal that made you think he must be funny.

4. He knew everything. Of this, I am certain. There wasn't a question I could ask that he didn't know the answer to. I don't get how one man could know all there is to know. He even knew the answers to my sciencey questions. Who understands that stuff? Not me, I can tell you that much.

5. He liked my mom more than a friend. Even more than a girlfriend.

6. He had a rock-solid foundation in the gospel. He always knew what was right and he chose it. Always. You didn't have to know him long before you could see his testimony exploding out of him.

7. He had a deep passion for punctuation. And plurals and spelling as well. I think he would probably be just as outraged by the stupid billboard outside of UVU as I am. It's MASTERS degree you idiots. Not Master. Who gets a Master degree? That doesn't even make sense. It also doesn't make sense why I am the only one in the world who loses sleep over the thing.

8. He colored for a living. He was pretty great at it, too. He colored a lot of houses in his career. According to some very good sources, he was a master at perspective. I'm jealous.

9. He liked Squirt. And so do I.

That's all I am writing about that today. I'm off to bed.

Happy Birthday, Dad.


Sunday, August 30, 2009