Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's because he's a grad student.

Dear Patrick,
Happy Cole Bybee Day.Love,
Cole Bybee

It's because I just can't listen to this lady anymore.

Dear Patrick,
I'm finally posting some of the photographs from my Chicago trip. Wish I could go back.

The camera-saving bean.
The funniest store front I've ever seen. What an incredible restoration. Wait...The best book of love poems I've ever read.So I took pictures of almost every page...Gig poster brilliance.Blue caramel apple cider hot pudding anyone?Me. In poster form.
This print mapped out every single word said by the brilliant Miss Teen North Carolina.

Banana Bandits!
American Gothic

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's because I've got that pasty, pasty skin everyone wants.6

Dear Patrick,
Full story of the day later. Right now, the most important stuff: Dominican boyfriends! Ha.

Hilarious, yes? The one on the right was particularly friendly. He did absolutely everything he could to try to make me understand what he was saying and then all of a sudden I was in a picture. So I made the guy take one on my camera, too. How was I supposed to pass up something this funny? And then, the vest gave me his email address. Can you say score?
Love, Love, Love,

Monday, April 13, 2009

It's because some people humble themselves, others need to be compelled.

Dear Patrick,
I think I'm the latter. I'm back in the DR. I love this place. Remember last time how I said that I need to stop being a selfish little baby and start thinking about people other than myself? I forgot that. But here I am, back in that country that started my "good person" ideas and I'm just realizing how quickly I let my stupid, pointless life take over. Let me tell you how great this place is.

So, we arrived in Puerto Rico last night. Checked into the lap of luxury and then checked out again at 7 am. We hopped on a baby plane and headed for the good ol' Dominican Republic. I did my best to outsmart my narcolepsy but it won in the end. That is something that strangers really shouldn't be exposed to. Ask Alex. She'll tell you how weird it is. Look at this baby plane.
So then we arrived and the good Dominican people that are part of 4Life carried our stuff and shuffled us into cars. I got in a car with Eddie. And Duane. (Duane is the film guy from 4Life. He speaks spanish. It's convenient.) Eddie asked Duane what my name was. The conversation went like this:

Eddie: (in Spanish) What's her name?
Duane: Adrienne.
Eddie: Adren? Adren? Aye yi yi! Adren?
Me: Si.

Apparently it's as hard for Dominicans to say my regular name as it is for me to say that boy roommate's Finnish name. So I have a new one. Adrianna. It's fancier than I deserve with this
untamed lion's mane on my head. So anyway, we drove to the hotel and I did my best to look comfortable even though he drove on the wrong side of the road most of the time and other times just stopped and parked. In the middle of the road. I was not provided a seatbelt. His windows had wrinkled tinting. It made for pictures like this:

Then we checked back into the lap of luxury, but this time in the DR. Then we got in a big truck and set out for the day's real adventure.

Meet Esdras:

He is a 4Life distributor. One of their favorites. But he drives crazier and faster
than even Eddie. And while he's assault-driving and dodging scooters and children and pot holes, he will pick up one of his numerous cell phones and say "Excellent. Excellent. Excellent." I learned to look out the window and focus on the killer scenery all around me instead of look at what's happening on the road. The problem was, his driving produced pictures like this:

There are three on the scooter. And have a big load to carry. Can you tell? Nope. But that's ok. Right? Right. He took us to eat lunch in San Francisco. California. Some other distributors made it for us. It was so nice of them. I'm serious when I say that I was grateful to have it, but I'm also serious when I say that I had no idea what I was eating and pulled out the trick I learned in Switzerland when I had to eat weird food there... don't look at it, just shove it in as quickly as you can. It was mostly good. And so nice of them to make it for us. We got back in that ridiculous truck again and went on to the main event. I considered practicing my tuck-and-roll moves but ended up just staying inside the truck.

This is where the day really got great. Here's the story. So a while back, Hurricane Noel hit the DR. Some people got it worse than others. One village in particular got it extra bad. They live in a very unfortunate part of the island that floods whenever it rains and they have to run up the mountains and hide in caves. Esdras heard about this little village and went to check it out. It was terrible he said. Mud up to your brains. They had to rebuild everything,
pretty much. And the thing is, they're already the poorest of the poor. Esdras wanted to help and found one man who really, really needed a new house. With 4Life's help, they built him one. His name is Luis and he looks like this:
He is 86 and crippled. He was so sweet and so thankful that he couldn't even speak. He used to live in this:
Now he will live in this:

The people of this village were so great. They treated us (even me because they didn't know any better) like celebrities. There was one guy there -I doubt he lived in the village, I think he might've been part of the team building the house- who couldn't stop taking pictures of all of us on his cell phone. It was amazing. These people live in the worst conditions. Thirdest of the third world. I couldn't believe I was seeing actual human beings living this way. My heart broke for them. But they were still happy! I honestly can't comprehend this because of the way I was brought up. Yes, I'm a snooty little rich kid. Everyone I know is one too. You might not think so but you also make more than zero dollars a year. And you also have running water, electricity, and a toilet. A real one. Not a hole that you have to share with the rest of the neighborhood. This is when I remembered how lame I was that I forgot that I'm so blessed and I need to use that to help other people. Even if it is just paying fast offerings or volunteering more often. I need to do something. Because I know better. Someone remind me of that when I get so bratty that I can't see past my own nose again. Remind me that some babies grow up like this:

So I should just suck it up and stop complaining. My life is good. Even the stupid parts.

Snooty little rich kid

Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's because I can't get enough airport food.

Dear Patrick,
Happy Easter, Puerto Rico.

Love, Adrienne

Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's because I've been living in a make-believe world

Dear Patrick,
Life update time.

Two weeks ago I became a full sized adult. I am 21 now and on your 21st birthday you are expected to do a lot of stupid things. So what was I supposed to do? Not live up to that expectation? No. We had to go to Wendover and have the trashiest of all birthday parties. It was honestly the best birthday I've ever had. I love my art family for thinking the world is as funny as I do. If you want the full story, look at our family blog: openfaced.blogspot.com.

Picture of the night:
Another picture:

Quote of the night: "I think that's my daddy... I don't know. All Africans look the same."

We returned to Salt Lake at 4 am smelling like the bottom of an ashtray. And not even caring one bit. Then, I had night after night of all night parties in the print studio. Wednesday, I hopped a plane to go to the great city of Chicago. Loved it. We went for a printmaking conference but mostly it was a hang-out-with-your-best-friends-in-a-neat-city conference. And also a show-Adrienne-all-kinds-of-new-things-and-make-her-even-poorer-than-Wendover-did conference. I'll add some pictures soon. They're great. Bad internet connection right now. Worth the wait though.

I think that catches you up til about today... more information to follow.
Love, Adrienne