Friday, January 30, 2009

It's because the Spice Girls are always right.

Dear Patrick,
Have to write this quick. Supposed to be at work. Anyway, me and Alexa might have gotten sick of sharing a room and needed to divide our space. I started Wednesday night and taped a line down the middle of the room. She didn't think it was fair and taped it again so that I wasn't even allowed to look at the clock. Then I taped it again so that I had full entering and exiting privileges and she had none. Then it got out of hand and we ended up with an X of tape on the floor and tape across our mouths. I got home from school yesterday to find this: (please disregard the blur)
Here is a detail:
She was very thoughtful to include my shelf of books and 100% of my creepy fairy on my side of the room. I also am allowed 6 inches of my bed to sleep on. Why is it again that I moved?
Love, Adrienne

Monday, January 26, 2009

It's because my patron saint is Saint Francis.

Dear Patrick,
It's 8 o'clock the night before a I have a crit in Print and a five page paper due in English. I have a drawing for Print but nothing on my plate and I have a vague idea for my paper but nothing written down. Things are going great. And since I have so much time and nothing to do, I thought I'd just write pointless things on my blog. It may look like procrastination, but let me assure you, things look different than they really are. Really. Maybe not really.
Anyway, so for the last few months I've basically given up pants. I just don't wear them. (This is actually kind of a lie because it has been so cold lately that I've worn pants like a regular person for a week or two but I still prefer not to). So now that you all have a terrible image of me in my unders in your head, let me clarify. I really like leggings. A lot a lot. Almost like pants, but so much better. Now that you're prepped, this is a great story. On Saturday, Ashlee and I had to go to this little music venue slash soon to be recording studio to paint it so that next month we can hang our art there. We had to paint the wall near a door. A band was setting up to play that night and people were walking in and out a lot. I was up on a ladder wearing regular clothes: A thermal shirt, a hoodie, some boots and yes, leggings. Just regular. Three guys walk past to leave and before the door even shuts, the last one says, "Why is that girl in her underwear?". I didn't hear what he said but Ashlee did and it took a full minute before she could stop laughing long enough to tell me. I loved it. The end.
Also this weekend, I spent two days learning how to do photogravure, which is what happens when my two majors get together and have a baby. It is great. In simple terms, it's putting a photo on a copper plate, etching it, printing it intaglio style and it still looks photographic. This is a bad photobooth version of my completed print:
I'm pretty excited about it and I really like how it turned out. I want to do a lot more of it. I'll keep you updated on my endeavors.
Time to do whatever I'm supposed to do, already.

Monday, January 12, 2009

It's because there is something about post it notes.

Dear Patrick,
This is the photo of the day. It is by Jessica Bruah. Love it.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's because it's only a preview.

Dear Patrick,
This year for Christmas I got a new lens and a new house. My new lens opens up to 1.4 and I can't get over it. So, even though it makes your brain do backflips sometimes, I've been testing it out like crazy. My new house is made purely of insanity and little mosaic tiles. My mother keeps telling me I need to document every little detail of the house and I think I agree. This is a little preview. These are far from the finished product (f1.4 probably wasn't the best choice for the sink) but I just needed to show you a bit of the madness that is my house.

This is our range. Yes, there are three burners. There is space for a fourth, but that would just make too much sense.

Ok. That sink is a little bit drunk and a little bit sideways. And the toilet is actually that close to the counter. And those tiles are the only continuous thing throughout the house.

And that is all I'm going to show right now. Maybe one day I'll get over my lazy ways and start showing things I'm actually proud of. Or maybe not.

Lovely lovely,

Sunday, January 4, 2009

It's because it is.

Dear Patrick,
One day in my life I would like to make a stop-motion movie.
Procrastination from TutoxNet on Vimeo.

And there is another one that I found a few days ago that made my head spin but I can't find it now, of course.