Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's just going to melt your heart.

Dear Patrick,

This is the real post. For the pretend post, please scroll down. So I spent the day today at La Casa Rosada-- the orphanage. I'm just kind of in shock. It was incredible. So eye-opening for me. I really don't think I'm a very emotional person, but even now, just thinking about what I saw pushes me close to tears. The Casa Rosada has a total of 50 orphans living there under the care of two nuns: Sister Dolores and Sister Carmen. This is a feat in and of itself but there is an extra twist too. All 50 of these kids are HIV positive. How sad is that? They have nothing, they are alone in the world, and their bodies are self-destructing. It really put me in my place. It made me really recognize how blessed I am with my healthy body, my family, being born in a country with it's head on straight, all of my opportunities, intelligence, my values and faith, and basically everything. I have nothing to complain about. Nothing. At. All. So what if I get a B in that class? So what if my clothes are the hippest and the hottest? So what if I'm a little heartbroken? So what if my skin is multicolored? So what if I make $7.25 an hour? My legs function. I have parents that love me. I have a healthy immune system and I plan to live past my twenties. I can drink the water out of the tap. I have a job. And I'm getting an a good education. What more do I need? Nothing. But even though these kids have none of that, they're still happy! Amazing. They are so lucky to have the two nuns to care for them. They're really making a difference in their lives. They take good care of them and they're getting them the medicine they need for their disease. If they didn't have the Sisters, they probably wouldn't even be alive. Their home is clean and nicer than most of the city. So there's still some good in their lives.

I want to help. I want to do stuff like this the rest of my life. I don't want to shoot weddings. I don't want to take meaningless photos of flowers and trees. I want to be Zana Briski. I want to use my talents and everything I have to benefit more people than just myself. I'm tired of being a selfish brat. I have more than I need.

So that's all. Sorry for the thinking outloud. I'm just so grateful to experience this. Thank you 4Life.

Love always,

It's because I just love them.

Dear Patrick,
Don't judge me. These aren't the finished product. I was talking to the parents over skype and I wanted to tell stories and let them see exactly what I was talking about so I uploaded some images really quick. I'll tell you about them now but I'll write a real post in just a few minutes, okie dokie? Love, Adrienne
1. That one up top is of the entrance as we were arriving. The kids knew we were coming and they were so so excited. They were all waiting for us at the gate.
2. Isn't this little girl gorgeous? I think so too. I took her picture and she came over to check it out and wasn't happy. She went off for a while in Spanish and I realized she wanted a full-body shot. So she ran over and posed again. This is the result:3. BEST POSE! I need to remember that one.
4. This one makes me cry. This is their newest baby. His father is a crack addict and his mother is dead. This nun was so excited to see him and hold him-- he was pretty excited too, this picture just doesn't show it that well. These kids are so lucky to have these nuns to care for them. I'll tell you more in my next post...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's because they'll do just about anything for a buck.

Dear Patrick,
Bad news. I'm here now and there is no hurricane. Sorry. It looks like I'm going to be living through this trip. So. Lame. I can't even get award winning shots while I'm getting swept up by a huge wave. But I like it here anyway I guess... I'm just a little disappointed about not getting extremely famous in my death. Things are so different here. I've pretty much just walked around with my eyes like golf balls because I'm in a constant state of amazement. People play live Frogger on the freeways. Yep, they run across. When you stop at a stop light, you can buy like 20 things from your car window. When the plane lands safely, it's a celebration not unlike the Fourth of July. And look! a phone in the bathroom! Joey, don't ever call me from that phone. This place is great. Tomorrow I get to go to the orphanage. I'll get you some pictures too.

PS...So here I am, in a Latin country with a Latin man's name and they're trying to introduce me to some people who live here. The only thing that is going through my head is "Yo soy Zjamie, YAMIE". Sarah, please tell me you remember that.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's because death is funny.

Dear Patrick,
I just heard there is a hurricane in Haiti. Haiti shares an island with the Dominican Republic. If you want any of my stuff, please speak up so I can write you into my will. This is what has already been claimed: my three holga cameras, my car, $40, the rights to my photos.
Love, Adrienne

Monday, August 25, 2008

It's because it interferes with Lupe

Dear Patrick,
I hate music in blogs.
Love, Adrienne

Dear Laura,
I bought you this cradle for baby Spike.
Love, Adrienne

Dear World,
Recent polls suggest that I might actually possess a heart. Who knew.
Love, Adrienne

Saturday, August 23, 2008

It's because I was tired of saying "Hello, I'm Adrienne and I have a problem"

Dear Patrick,
I did it! I did it! I did it did it did it! Facebook and I are no longer listed as "in a relationship". I feel so liberated. I shouldn't have gotten sucked into that one. But I did. And even after making my "I'm breaking up with Facebook" statement to the world, one person almost made me stay... Shelby, you really shouldn't use your wit for evil.
Bigger news. I got a phone call today from 4Life... and they are headed out to the Dominican Republic this next week because they do a lot for an orphanage out there. And who are they bringing along as official queen photographer? Adrienne Lee Smart. (Please insert trumpet sound here). Yeah. I've had to change my pants three times today because I just think about it and get so excited and lose it. So, the skinny of the trip: Tuesday night I'm hopping a plane and leaving the country, going to an island in the Carribean, doing things I LOVE (photography, hello), changing my outlook on life, and not paying a penny for it. "Adrienne dear, you live a charmed life." Yes I know.
Have a pleasant evening,

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's because we're in our twenties now, where not much is plenty now, where not enough food is okay.

Dear Patrick,
I have a lot to say to you today. So, this weekend I came across a blog of a little fashionista named Tavi. Ok. You need to look it up if you haven't. She's 12 years old and she reviews trends and talks about the clothes she buys and what not. Her blog is legendary. She has all of these designers and store owners and artists and people sending her free stuff and writing articles about her. I laugh out loud at her posts because she is a clever little one too. And now I ask you this question: where does she get off being cool? She's not supposed to do that for AT LEAST another 6 to 8 years. I wish I would've realized that people can be cool when they're little when I was little. New favorite quote of my life "That hat makes you look like a hacky sack". And this picture... just murdered me.

Next item of business, did I tell you I love my job? I do. We are closing in on my final days here at Ferrari Color and I'm actually sad to leave this summer job. I spent the first five weeks hanging out with my only friend of the summer, Ben. I think I only made it to second best work friend status, but I'm still pretty proud of that. But he's gone now. He's in Germany. Lucky. Also, we have a company bunny. Yeah. Best idea. Ok. They didn't actually purchase this bunny and he is not in a cage where we can view him, but he is ours. One day I spent my lunch chasing our bunny around the parking lot with 5 other guys trying to feed it carrots. We never chase bunnies at the library. Dear Ferrari Color, I will miss you and your bunny. Love, Adrienne

Speaking of the library, I will be headed back there soon. I was just informed that I have a new position and a RAISE. Yeah, I got a 25 cent raise. That means I can get a gumball one hour earlier than I could last year. Anyway, I'm working in the Art Book room now. I'm pretty happy about this change. I like art. And I usually like art in books. So it might be a nice fit.

I love Matt and Whit. I still can't get over that they came all the way to my house on Saturday just to play Ticket to Ride with me. They deserve some big prizes and a billion dollars. That's all.

Now I'm done rambling. I have one more picture for you today. It has good colors.

Cheers, Adrienne

Monday, August 18, 2008

It's because we should never do things that our middle school teachers told us to do.

Dear Patrick,
Ok. All of my neat-o friends are writing these "I am" poems in their blogs that I'm not really down with. I don't really understand them. I mean, could someone please explain to me what "I am tablecloth" or "I am Hannah Montana but not Miley Cyrus" means or why you would ever claim to be that? No? Right. I will not be writing one of those poems. But, since I more time than I can handle and I love to talk about myself anyway, I'm going to give you some equally useless facts about me that are not in "I am" form.
  • I can't shop at thrift stores. I envy the people with enough of an attention span to find the good stuff and then look past the fact that the thing smells like grandmas and dust and sick.
  • I honestly believe in the straw wrapper game.
  • I swallow gum. Not purposely.
  • I prefer my 35mm Pentax to my Canon DSLR and a dull crayon to my Nikon point and shoot.
  • I like it when people are blunt.
  • I hate hate hate when people get their punctuation wrong. That is probably due to growing up with Gordon Smart as my father. Let's have an apostrophe lesson now.
Apostrophes indicate possession or are used to show the omission of letters.
1. I have seventeen dog's. WRONG. SO WRONG. Just because it is plural doesn't mean you need to add an apostrophe.
2. Your awesome. My awesome what? "Your" and "you're" are not the same thing.
3. There coming with us. There, they're and their. Sound the same. Meanings are not.
4. Love, the Golightly's. Please refer to number one if you are still having difficulty with this one.
Dear America, you can punctuate correctly. Do it for me. Please.
  • Toaster Strudels are probably the only food that I have liked for a longer than a week at a time.
  • I like to pretend that I'm strictly logical and not emotional. That's a lie.
  • You can almost always read what I'm thinking from the look on my face.
  • I have a very guilty conscience. I can't cross the double line in the carpool lane. I can't litter. Not even a gum wrapper.
  • My room is never clean.
  • I'm very disproportionate. My arms are much longer than they should be. And apparently my right arm is 5/8" longer than my left.
  • I walk like I'm pregnant.
  • I love my music.
  • I want to be my mother when I grow up.
  • I want to be a printmaker when I grow up.
  • I love my holga camera more than all other cameras.
  • I can read. I just prefer not to.
  • "I do have pasty, pasty skin"
  • My biggest pet peeve is when a random amount of time is left on the microwave.
  • I have been accused of not being able to say anything seriously. Probably true.
So there you have it. Everything you never wanted to know about me. Sarah dear, I hope that is good enough to cancel out my tagged status.
Love always, Adrienne

Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's because "Blog" really isn't that original.

Dear Patrick,
Yes, blog, you now have a name.  It's perfect right?  I know.  I have named you after three very significant people in my life.  Let me tell you about each person so you will know the importance of your name.
1.  Mallory "Tallopi" Wilson Leale:  She is the original reason for your name.  This is why:
  • Her motto in life is "Adrienne rules the world and I do what she says"
  • This picture.
  • She makes homemade twinkies.
  • She wants me in her family even though she knows me.
  • She loves Pokemon. 
  • "Carli is a traitor.  She belongs in a crater"
  • She is writing my biography. She is also illustrating it.  This is the front cover.

  • She knows all kinds of magic. 
  • She tells it like it is.
  • She knows how completely ridiculous the world is. And takes pleasure in it.
  • She dictated my senior year.  She was behind all of the good ideas.  
  • This picture too.

  • And mostly just because she answers her phone sometimes when I call.  And she respnds to Patrick sometimes too.
2. Patrick from the Admissions office. One time I forgot to accept my scholarship in a timely manner.  I almost lost it forever.  He retrieved it for me. I owe him my life.

3. Patrick Swayze.  Who can forget his award winning role in Dirty Dancing? Not me.  Good movie, great man.   Also, he sings "She's Like the Wind" on the soundtrack.  Patrick Swayze singing.  It's just terrible.  And that is exactly why he's great.

And that is that.  So, from now on I will be writing to Patrick. Love, Adrienne