Friday, June 20, 2008

It's because they didn't have a puppet show.

Dear Blog,
I'm coming around to the idea of writing to Blog.  It really doesn't need a name besides.  Anyway, today we went to the Caillier chocolate factory.  Best day plus worst day.  Best day because they had a super cheesy movie made in the 50s and there was a tasting room.  Yes, a tasting room.  Worst day because the tasting room was not 100% edible- it didn't even have a chocolate river, there was no creepy welcome song by puppets, and I ate a little too much chocolate and ralphed everywhere.  That's a lie.  I just wanted to.  Then we went to Gruyere and we didn't go to the cheese factory.  Which is was great because the cheese smells rank here. Most of it tastes ok but it all smells like death. I probably would've ralphed everywhere if we had gone.  Instead I just played around in the city for a second and drew for the rest.  All of my sketches are due tonight and I have close to zero.  Blah.  And that is all.  Sorry about the lack of pictures.  I'll get on that asap.  Oh and I'm going to Italy tomorrow.  Hoo hah Italy.  Love, Adrienne

Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's because the Swiss know that pinstripes are in.

Dear Blog, 
The internet hates my computer.  I am sorry sorry.  I'll try to remember everything I haven't told you.  I'll go in backwards chronological order for your convenience.
Today, Thursday, June 19:
We went to Gimmelwald and Murren.  It was incredible.  One of the best days yet.  It was like a movie.  It's just exactly what you would think Switzerland would be like.  I considered finding a flowy white blouse and an embroidered dress, braiding my hair and frolicking with a basket of wild flowers.  The mountains were like a dream.  I couldn't stop taking pictures.  We hiked for like 5 miles in fields of wildflowers and then walked through the village.  And here is the greatest story of my life:  So as we were walking, we saw a goat pen and we went over to look at them and take pictures like good little tourists.  Two little kids came outside and the little girl had a one-legged stool strapped on.  I thought she was going over to milk the goat.  Not so.  She chased a goat down and got a drink.  Yes, she got a drink from a goat!  It was the most disgusting plus hilarious thing I've ever seen.  And she didn't even care that there were four people taking pictures and freaking out and laughing like crazy.  It was awesome.  I would definitely go back there in a second.
Wednesday, June 18:
We went to Bern and saw some poster archives which was actually just at the train station.  The posters were super neat that they showed us but then they put on a movie that lasted until the end of time about a tunnel.  Not a cool movie. So Savannah and I decided to find some husbands and play One, Two, Three He's Yours from off the street. Europe has some really good options. Ha ha. Then we went to the Communication museum, which was aws.  It was one of those interactive museums and we could play with new technology and weird stuff.  I took some personality communication tests.  Turns out I'm an observer. Surprise surprise.  And the big news of the day, I bought European shoes.  And they're beautiful.  
Tuesday, June 17:
We went to Oberhofen and Thun (like "toon").  First we took a ferry to the Oberhofen castle.  I loved that castle the most.  It had black and white striped shutters and the top floor was decorated Turkish.  It was cookies.  I could've spent the whole day there.  The whole place was beautiful.  Then we went to Thun which is a super old city.  It was on a river and so pretty.  I bought a recycled purse and now I'm almost European.  Once I dye my hair purple, I'll be full European.
Monday, June 16th:
Zermatt day.  Zermatt is the gateway city to the Matterhorn.  I felt like the only person there that wasn't Asian or 85.  It was mostly disappointing because it was too foggy to see the Matterhorn and the city was so touristy that the shops sold dollar store crap with a cross on it for much much more than it was worth.  However, I had the best meal of the trip there.  So so happy.  It wasn't even ground up fish and rice soup.
Sunday, June 15th:
We went to church in Sion.  The branch there probably has 10 members and when our group showed up, we barely fit everyone in the room.   Singing the hymns was the highlight.  Everyone sang in their own language, the Swiss in French, the Americans in English, and Craig in German.  It was madness.  And so funny.  Then we thought we'd hang around in Sion for a bit but everything is closed in Switzerland on Sundays.  Funny.  They're better than Utah.

That's all I can type now because my computer is going to die. If there are pictures, lucky you.  We'll see. Love, Adrienne

Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's because my brain only works in black and white.

(there is two of the five, the rest to come later.  Sorry. The internet is not cool here)

Dear Blog, 
I'm so sorry for slacking off lately.  I'm just so involved with the value sketches and visual culture assignments here to worry about silly things like blogs and communication with home.  Bah ha ha. Drawing is not fun or good for you.  It's just boring and usually not worth my time because they end up looking blind contours whether I look at my paper or not.  Anyway, we've done some fun things lately.  The other day I went to France.  We went to Yvoire.  I'm pretty sure it's a fake town.  Only made for tourists.  It was pretty anyway.  And I got gelato.  Super good.  They had the prettiest colors of ice cream that I'd ever seen.  There was one called Amorena and it was just the most beautiful orange so I had to get it.  Pretty much fantastic.Bob deserves at least 5 trillion points for the comment of the day that day.  He said I was the perfect tourist because I had TWO cameras around my neck and I was wearing a mumu.  Ha! It just really makes my day when people make fun of me.  That wasn't even sarcastic.  I love it.  Today I went to Basel.  I think Basel is one of my favorites so far.  It was on the German side so I was out of place but I still loved it.  I don't know what it is about the German side but I just feel so uncomfortable, like I'm in a foreign place, but when I go back to the French side I'm happy again and I feel like I'm back where I can communicate.  Which is complete madness of course because so far I have mastered "bonjour"  "merci" and "Aigle".  Back to Basel.  We really didn't do all that much but it seems like there is so much there that I just want to explore it for days and days.  We made our own paper in a billion year old mill.  Our tour guide was funny because she was so intensely stern and slapped Ashlee's hand once because she was doing bad things and sometimes she would say "Get out of the way.  We have to work"  I loved it. I bought a sheet of pretty handmade paper.  It looks like golden magic.  Then we went a museum about Homer.  Sounds boring but it wasn't.  I loved it the most.  Our tour guide was super great and would always refer to Achilles as Brad Pitt because of Troy the movie.  And then he would say "ah ha ha I mean 'Akill'"  that's how he pronounced it.  He was funny.  I wish we could've spent more time there but they had to close.  I really want to go back to Basel.  That place was cookies.  Ok that's all.  I do have some pictures today but please be kind, my stupid computer luck has come to haunt me again.  Photoshop doesn't work so these are straight pictures.  Don't judge.  Love,  Adrienne
PS Photos.  Some from today some from my absence.  1.  City hall in Basel. That guy was a stranger but he makes a nice model 2.  City Hall again.  It was much neater than our city halls.  3.  These are things that were hung between the buildings to cover the street but they were so awesome because they were actually pictures of the buildings above them so if you stood in the street and looked up, it would just look like the buildings.  I hope that makes a little sense.  4. Inside a cathedral.  I liked the way the stained glass reflected on the floor. 5. Just a pretty landscape from yesterday.
Ok as it turns out, the pictures wont load.  I'll add them tomorrow. Cheers.

Friday, June 6, 2008

It's because the guy thought he was being attacked.

Bonjour Blog!
I just returned from living in a monastery.  Sounds fake.  It's not.  On Wednesday we left for the Grand St. Bernard Monastery and Hospice on the pass in the high mountain tops between Switzerland and Italy.  It was originally used to rescue people who needed help going through the pass and so it is required for people to make a pilgrimage to the monastery if you want to stay there.  It was a beast of a hike.  Easily the hardest thing of my life so far.  We hiked on a steep hill that never leveled off for an eternity in the pouring rain and thick fog (not even exaggerating. promise) and then for the last third of the hike, we snowshoed.  Yep.  Snow.  And that had steeper hills than before.  I hate hiking.  Hiking is number one on my hate list.  Ask Colton, he'll tell you.  So you will understand that I nearly cried when I saw that cross on the mountain telling us there was just one more hill and we were there.  I was so so so happy to get there.  And the crazy part was that I was even happy to have done what I did.  So we then stayed in the monastery with the monks and other religious people and we learned about Catholics and it was so great.  One monk hiked up with us and he was the only one who spoke English there.  There were a few people in our group that knew French too but mostly we couldn't communicate.  It was crazy.  I loved it when the people would try to talk to us but it was impossible to know what they were saying so they went to great lengths trying to communicate. My favorite was when one guy started mooing really loud to try to explain that there was milk in the soft drink.  Ha.  Another guy ended up miming everything but we still couldn't understand what he was trying to say.  So we'd just give him candy and he'd be happy.  I really came to have an appreciation for the catholic people.  The people I saw there were so devout and so kind and happy.  I can't imagine living the lives they do.  But it was super fun at the same time.  I shared a room with 15 other girls. I LOVED it.  It could've been way retarded if the girls were retarded but they weren't.  I pretty much love everyone that is here with me.  I'm so surprised that we have such a good group.  We stayed for 3 days and I am going to be cheesy but I know that it is something I'm going to remember forever.  Hooray St. Bernard.  I'm back in Leysin now and I'm clean and warm.  It's a nice feeling.  I have more to say but my roomies want to sleep.  Bonne nuit!
PS the last picture was just cute of some little Swiss children with sweet vests on.  That second boy was really happy at first to have his picture taken but then decided it wasn't very cool.  The other ones didn't work.  That's what I get for stealing internet.  I will now tell you about the pictures from this blog:  1 That's me.  That's at stop number two.  Proof of the rain and the intense fog.  That's why it's all white.  Gross. 2 Grand St. Bernard.  That's the view from where we came up.  Cool place.  It's close to a billion years old.  3. That's just my favorite shot from inside the monastery.  I was shooting the pretty gate when some worker needed to go through.  Perfect timing.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It's because I didn't have my field guide

Dear Blog, I'm in Switzerland! Hooray hooray hooray!  Switzerland is probably the greatest place ever.  I'm obsessed and I'm never coming home.  The houses and shops and buildings and fences and everything you can think of are all individual and unique.  They're all colorful and intricate and actually have character.  Boo America and our lame-o cookie cutter neighborhoods and boring cities.  Today we went to Vevey and went through two museums and the Chateau Chillon. The museums were amazing.  The first had all kinds of art and it was great except I couldn't read the name plates and that was frustrating.  I need to learn french and move here.  The other museum was a photo history museum and it was fabulous!  I love photo history.  And I love old cameras.  So it was like dreamland today.  Then the castle was way cool.  We rode on a boat over there and there was the cutest little baby boy on it.  I couldn't stop myself from taking secret pictures of him.  The castle was bigger than it looked and a little strange.  It had been updated and fixed in different periods of time and so sometimes it didn't fit together.  But it was really neat anyway.  Lord Byron was a prisoner there for a while. I saw his name scratched in the wall.  They put in a plaque for him. So nice of them.  Anyway.  Love this place.  I'm going to try to add some pictures, we'll see if it works.  Love, Adrienne

Sunday, June 1, 2008

It's because the Phoenix airport is the most friendliest

Dear Blog,
Sorry, still no name.  I'm working hard on it but nothing yet.  I need the perfect name.  I promise I'll get it soon.  Anyway, I've made it to Phoenix.  Hooray for me!  And LUCKILY my bags were under weight.  And no sign of the spider.  We're headed off to Philly soon and I'm doing my best to stay awake.  But no promises.  I think this last semester has scarred me for life and I will forever be narcoleptic because my body will take sleep whenever it can get it.  So yep.  That's an update. Soon I'll be in Switzerland and this will be more fun.  Much love, Adrienne